Ages: 2 - 3 years

The purpose of this program is to prepare children for a preschool experience while building on the self-help skills, social skills, following of directions and problem solving skills they were introduced to in our Toddler Program. 'Striving for independence' is a way to describe the children in this class! As they are learning to make their mark on the world the teacher will be introducing and teaching routines and expectations. You will see this in circle time, lining up, cleaning up, moving from one activity to another, problem solving, and using materials.

Learning activities at this age are child-initiated and teacher-supplemented. Learning through child-initiated play is very important to the development of your child's brain, and provides the building blocks for how the child approaches learning tasks in future years.

The toilet training process continues, and is a major focus, in this room. Remember that children are ready for toilet training at different ages and will let you know when to start. In order to progress to the next classroom, your child will need to be fully toilet trained.

Hands-on learning is still the key to this program! Children are 'learning to learn,' and are doing so largely through their senses. Sensory exploration will be a part of several art, math and science experiences.

Children in this program will have circle time each day. They will be developing language and learning to express themselves! Children this age are learning to talk about what is happening around them. They are trying to make sense of their world and figure out how it all works together. We will provide lots of experiences for them that will help them sort this out!