In-Person Worship & Online 

Sunday's, 10am 


What are worship services like?  

We gather Sundays at 10am. Each service includes singing songs, corporate Confession (admitting to God that we need forgiveness), Absolution (God's Word of forgiveness because of what Jesus has done for us), Scripture Readings, a sermon/message from the pastor, a creed (a statement about what we believe as the Church), prayers and the Lord’s Supper most Sundays. 

What's the music and worship like?

Our worship services are written to follow the theme of the day. The services are creative, using both recent Praise Music and historical aspects of worship like the Lord’s Prayer and Apostle’s Creed.

What should I wear?

People at Open Arms tend to dress casually. Jeans are normal, although some choose to dress up. Dress how you are comfortable.

Should I give?

If you are a guest with us, don't feel you need to give any money when offering is collected. If you are a follower of Jesus, you are welcome to give your offerings to help support the Church and to the glory of God.