Open Arms Child Care Center is an extension of the mission of Open Arms Lutheran Church and holds to the same mission of growing God's kingdom. We diligently work to serve our young children and their families, sharing the love of Jesus and encouraging their growth by building strong supportive relationships.

God continues to bless our ministry to His children. If you, or your friends, family, or neighbors, would like to enroll your children in a loving and safe child care setting, we encourage you to check us out! We look forward to getting to know you and striving to meet your needs.


You may click on each age group's specific page by using the Program Detail menu, located on the left, to learn more about each classroom. We have worked to develop the most effective developmental groupings, and understand the need for stability in classrooms and caregivers as each child matures. 

Every effort is made to transition your child to the next age level when it is most appropriate. As always, a number of factors may influence when your child actually transitions up. For example - number of available staff, number of children transitioning at the same time, etc. You will be notified in writing when the transition process is beginning. If you have any concerns or questions about the process, feel free to contact the Director to discuss them.

Each classroom has activities appropriately planned for their age group:

  • Daily Hands-on Religion Curriculum
  • Art/Sensory Exploration
  • Small Group Times
  • Literacy
  • Math and Reading Curriculum for Pre-K and Young Fives
  • Kindergarten Readiness


Due to the many challenges our world now faces Open Arms is committed to providing a safe as well as educational facility for your child. Our safety measures include:

  • A secure building with state of the art security and fire alarms
  • Strict sign in and out policies for children - your child may only be released to authorized adults with picture I.D.
  • Background checks on all staff and volunteers
  • Current First Aid and CPR training for all teachers
  • Indoor and outdoor facilities that meet or exceed state licensing requirement for safety
  • Classrooms and playgrounds that are checked daily for any potential hazards


Open Arms uses positive methods of discipline, which encourages self-direction and self-esteem. No form of corporal punishment is used. A child will not be restricted, deprived or confined as a form of discipline. Good communication between teacher, child and parent helps to make the total area of discipline a positive, beneficial experience. Any serious misbehavior will be brought to the attention of the parents. If a serious problem persists, a conference will be held between parents, teacher and director.