10:00am  Worship


We know that each and every person who enters our building comes with a unique identity - one shaped by God through their experiences and relationships. 

We understand that coming to a new place, especially a church, can be a very unnerving and stressful experience. We also understand that no one comes through our doors by accident. On your walk of faith, maybe you just need a brief stop to rejuvenate your faith. Or, maybe you are seeking a permanent home, one where your faith can be nurtured and grow.

Whatever your past experience and needs, our family will welcome you warmly, seek to get to know you, and work to make whatever stress you are feeling fade away.

Throughout our site, you will find information about our worship and how we serve adults and children of all ages. You'll see the meaningful and supportive relationships we build as people gather together in small groups. Through it all, remember that we are praying for you - and we desire to welcome you with the loving arms of our Savior, Jesus.

When you join us for worship, please be sure to fill out a communication card so that we can connect with you after service! We look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday!