The rainy weather has kept us indoors a lot this week. 
In the big room we've been working on climbing and jumping skills, forward and backward rolls, as well as tossing and catching.
I think this drastic change in weather is the main cause for most of the sickness present within the center.  There have been 2 reported cases of strep.  Otherwise, we've had kids and teachers out sick with fevers, some with vomiting.
Please join us on Sunday at 10:00 for worship!!
The kids have been working on two songs to sing to the congregation. 
I LOVE working with young children and I LOVE that I work with so many people who LOVE and appreciate early childhood education.  Join us in celebrating young children and the early childhood profession throughout the month.
This week the focus is on physical development.  Show us your mad hopscotch skills :)
Physical development is directly connected to cognitive development.  Physical development also allows children to understand more about their body and spacial awareness.  Make sure your child is getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day!
Summer / Fall Confirmations are due soon!!  Please confirm your child's schedule with the office to ensure his/her spot.
Have a terrific day :)