Hello, families :)
Next week we celebrate National Lutheran School's Week.  

It's a fun week of activities for kids and teachers when we celebrate (and remember) the opportunities we have to share Jesus in our classrooms and center.  
This year's theme is "Upon this Rock".  
Dress Up Days:
        Monday - Yellow Day
        Tuesday - Crazy Hat / Hair Day
        Wednesday - Sports Day
        Thursday - Disney / Cartoon Day
        Friday - Pajama Day
Sunday, 1/22 - Kids SING in worship!! (ages 3 and older)
Thursday and Friday - Music and Music Activities (during the day)
Friday - FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT (7:00pm)
Other Reminders
  • Please keep snow pants and snow boots at the center.  We use them during cold and wet weather.
  • PLEASE call the center when your child will be absent.  It helps our daily staffing schedule tremendously when we have accurate attendance numbers.
  • Likewise, if you plan to drop off your child later than 10:00, please call the center in the morning to inform us.
I want to say THANK YOU for trusting us with your children.  I can honestly say that I love each child at our center and enjoy seeing them (and you!) each week.  To see the babies smile and learn to walk, hear children talk and carry conversations, say my name for the first time, pray with their friends, hug their teachers.... it all just warms my heart.
Thank you for the blessing of partnering with Open Arms.
Have a terrific week!