Good morning, families!

Updates to paperwork must be done ASAP (my goal is have it all completed by the end of the week).  If you haven't made the updates, yet, please catch me this week!  It only takes 5-7 minutes.
Fall Pictures are scheduled for Friday, 11/4
We are choosing to work with a new company this year!  With a new company comes new procedures!  Pictures AND purchasing can be done on the same day.  Parents will be able to view pictures and make purchasing decisions in the afternoon.  (On-line ordering can also be done.)
     *Keep an eye out for posters and flyers reminding you of the picture date
Please label your child's belongings, specifically water bottle, nap items, and lunchbox.  
If not labeled, I'm giving teachers permission to label it!!
   - Sign your kids IN and OUT each day ($5 charge for not signing in/out)
Have a blessed week :)