This week we will be reviewing the whole alphabet and focusing on beginning sounds. Next week we will be doing a lot with vowels and in the following weeks we will learn some word families, reading strategies, and we will be doing a more inventive spelling.  Our new sight word this week is “said.”

 If you have any of Open Arms spare clothes that haven’t been returned, please return them soon.  We are completely out of pants.  If you have clothes at home that you can spare, that would be appreciated also.  We are in need of boys and girls pants, boys underwear, and socks.  It is your responsibility to keep a spare set of clothes on hand for your son or daughter but we like to have back-ups so we do not need to call you to come from work to take care of such a simple fix. 


  • Saturday, May 21-Parent’s Night Out
  • Monday, May 30- Center Closed for Memorial Day
  • Thursday, June 9- Spring Sing and Graduation 7:30 PM
  • Friday, June 10-Center Closed for Teacher In-service
  • Monday, June 13-Summer Session begins


Recurring Events:

Wednesdays- chapel @ 9AM

Friday’s - Show and Tell – Bring in anything you’d like to show but be sure you can tell what letter it starts with.  

Sundays- Worship Service at 10AM


Jesus Time

We will be learning about Phillip and the man from Africa.  In this story, Phillip met a man as he was traveling.  The man was reading the book of Isaiah and asked Phillip to help him interpret it.  The man asked Phillip to baptize him.  We discuss sharing God’s word and love in all times of life.  This story is a great example of how Phillip seized the opportunity. 


Words we know:

and, the, it, like, big, red, to, play, you, is, in, we, me, see


Tips for Home:

  • Count by 5’s to 100
  • Visit a farm and see the spring animals already born or the mommies anticipating their arrival
  • Parents say a word-kids say the sound that word starts with, challenge-do the same with ending or middle sound
  • READ, READ, READ for 15+ minutes a night (parents read to children)