Young 5’s Weekly News

January 30, 2017


            This week we are learning about the letter U.  U is a vowel so it says two sounds.  U says its name and the sound you here in the beginning of up.   Our new sight word this week is “the.”  The kids have had a lot of fun finding the sight words as they look through our class library. 

            The kids are doing really good learning to count by 10’s.  They’ve even been doing it while playing.  We are also going to be working on learning addresses.                                                                                                                             


Upcoming Events:

o   Tuesday, January 31- Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Field Trip

o   Tuesday, February 14- Valentine’s Day Party-sign up by door

o   Tuesday, February 14- Valentine’s Day breakfast

o   Wednesday, February 22- Scooter Club Ceremony

o   Wednesday, March 1- no Scooter Club, Ash Wednesday

Recurring Events:

Wednesdays                                                 Sunday’s

chapel @ 9AM & Scooter Club 3:25-5:15                           Worship Service at 10AM

Jesus Time

          We will study the parable of The Lost Son.  This story shows a parent’s love for their child, the power of forgiveness, and ultimately the pure love our Heavenly Father has for us.   We are forgiven!

Tips for home:

o    Write the numbers 0-10

o    Skip

o    Count how many steps are between your bathroom and bedroom.

o    Parents read with your child 15 (or more) minutes per day.  – read a non-fiction book


§  Thanks and continued blessings for Khloe and Landen’s families.

§  Continued prayers for Tristan’s family in this time of mourning

§  Phoenix’s family needs continued prayers.

§  Prayers for good health for everyone.  Winter can be tough and we’ve had a few students out as well as parents sick too. 

Sight Words we’ve learned:

I, and, the