Young 5’s Weekly News

January 23, 2017



            This week we are learning about the letter B.  B says the sound you hear in the beginning of ball.  We will also be learning about exercise and healthy bodies.  We will get to use our healthy bodies next week at our field trip.  Please make sure you get your permission slips turned in ASAP. 

We are celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week with Lutheran schools across the nation.  We celebrate with fun dress up days.  We will finish it off with pajama day on Friday. 

Please email me or drop me a note if you or your family have a prayer request.  I will begin it by praying for two families each week (alphabetically).  We will all pray together for these families.  If you see them, remind them we are praying for them.  If your family is one we are praying for, let us know how we can be praying for you. 



Jesus Time

          We will be learning about the Good Samaritan.  Even though this man was part of an outcast group he helped a man in need.  I am thankful to see this behavior daily at Open Arms.  We can pray that everyone will have the eyes and faith of a child. 

Upcoming Events:

o   Monday, January 23-Friday, January 27- National Lutheran Schools Week

o   Wednesday, January 25- Scooter Club Award Ceremony 4:45 pm

o   Friday, January 27- Family Movie Night 7:00 PM

o   Tuesday, January 31- Michigan Academy of Gymnastics Field Trip

Recurring Events:

Wednesdays                                                 Sunday’s

chapel @ 9AM & Scooter Club 3:25-5:15                           Worship Service at 10AM

Tips for home:

o    Talk about your body at home.  Discuss the function of each part.  God knew what he was doing when He designed us! 

o    Bake a bread or brownies OR visit a bakery.

o    Bounce a ball.  Do a bounce pass with your partner. 

o    Parents read with your child 15 (or more) minutes per day.  – look for the word and as you read.


-  Thanks and continued blessings for Johnathan and Janiyah’s families. 

- Shane turns 5 on Wednesday.  

-  Phoenix’s family needs continued prayers.

-  Prayers for good health for everyone.  Winter can be tough and we’ve had a few students out as well as parents sick too. 

Sight Words we’ve learned:

I, and