Young 5’s Weekly News

November 28, 2016


                We will be learning about the letter S this week.  S says the sound you hear in the beginning of snow- which we may be seeing soon.  We will be doing our normal work for the letter S as well as making advent wreaths and preparing for our Cedar Woods trip.  Some of our centers will include a sandwich shop in the kitchen areal, scooters, sorting, painting stars, and many more.  I will not be in on Friday.  Ms. Cheryl will be in for me.  The students will really enjoy her.  They always get disappointed if she isn’t in our room to help.  J

                Our trip to Cedar Woods is coming up.  We will be collecting chap sticks for the residents.  A sign-up sheet is available for cookies, red tissue paper, and white ribbon, as well as a volunteer to wrap the chap sticks prior to our trip.  The class will be making candy cane ornaments that we will attach to a sheet of paper explaining the candy canes relation to Christ.  Our main goal is to share the love of Christ with all the residents.   We will sing 4 songs when we are there and after we will enjoy cookies and juice with the residents.  The ornaments and chap sticks will be passed out to them after.  I’d like to collect at least 2 chap sticks per resident.  Our goal will be to collect 300 + chap sticks.  There is a basket to put them in in the hallway.                                                                                                                              


Jesus Time

          This week we will be learning about the Bronze Snake.  The Israelites neglected the rules God had given them and they build an idol to worship.

          We will also begin learning about Advent and the Christmas story.    We will make advent wreaths and we will meet a shepherd who will be named by the students He will help us learn about advent and the coming of baby Jesus. 

Upcoming Events:

o   November 30- Advent Service, dinner at 5:30, service at 7:00

o   Thursday, December 8- Cedar Woods field trip- please return your permission slips.  At this point we still need more drivers. 

o   Thursday, December 15- Christmas Program 7:00 pm

Recurring Events:

Wednesdays                                                 Sunday’s

chapel @ 9AM & Scooter Club 3:25-5:15                           Worship Service at 10AM

  NO SCOOTER CLUB this week, 11/30

Tips for home:

o   Slither like a snake

o   How many steps from your bedroom to your kitchen?

o   Write your name six times. 

o   Parents read with your child 15 (or more) minutes per day. – do and Advent devotion together