Young 5’s Weekly News

October 17, 2016


Thank you to all who helped make our trip to DeBucks a success.  We all had a great time.  Field trips are a great way to learn and build the experiences of our students. In December we will be planning a trip to Cedar Woods Assisted Living.  This will be a service project for our class.  More information will come home in the next couple weeks. 

The LEA conference last week was great.  I learned a lot but missed all the kids.  I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and be with so many wonderful Lutheran educators. 

This week we will be learning about the letter Aa.  A makes the sounds we hear in the beginning of apple (short vowel sound) and acorn (long vowel sound).  We will also be learning about trees and harvest.  We will play with the garden box and pretend to harvest the veggies.  We will do a lot of alphabet activities and some acrobat skills as well as many other activities. 

Parent/teacher conferences will be coming soon.  Please watch for a sign-up sheet sometime this week.  I would like to meet with all of you. 



Jesus Time

God blessed Abraham with Isaac and Isaac had twin sons Jacob and Esau.  We will learn this week about Jacob and his troubles.  God had a plan for Jacob from the start.  Jacob tricked his brother, then his father, yet God chose him to be the father of many nations. 

Upcoming Events:

o   Wednesday, November 2- Scooter Club Awards Ceremony 4:50PM

o   Friday, November 4- Picture Day

o   Sunday, November 6- Kids Sing at 10:00am service

o   Thursday, November 17- Thanksgiving Dinner 5:30 PM

Recurring Events:


chapel @ 9AM & Scooter Club 3:25-5:15

Sundays- Worship Service at 10AM


Tips for home:

o   Practice a forward somersault.

o   Go on a leaf hunt.  Collect leaves and make a picture or sort by color, size, etc.

o   Say 5 words that start with A.

o   Parents read with your child 15 (or more) minutes per day. –Mom and dad choose non-fiction texts