Young 5’s Weekly News


September 26, 2016


This week our theme is Pets.  We will be taking care of pets and talking about our own pets at home.   

Our letter this week is H.  We will be playing with rescue heroes, playing house, hopping like a bunny, and building houses.  I will be doing assessments this week also.  If your child comes home with incomplete work, it is up to you if you’d like to complete it at home.  If your child is willing to work on it, go for it.                                                                                                                      

Jesus Time

This week we learn about Noah’s Ark.  We will learn about how after Adam and Eve’s first sin all of their offspring were sinful.  God’s people were doing things that were making him sad.  He sent a flood that covered the whole earth.  God saved Noah and his family as well as two of each kind of animal.  God sent a rainbow after the flood as a promise that he would never flood the earth again. 


o   Wednesday, September 28- Scooter Club Begins – wear your Scooter Club shirt

o   Saturday, October 15- Harvest Party 10:00am

o   Sunday, November 6- Kids Sing at 10:00am service

Recurring Events:

Wednesdays- chapel @ 9AM & Scooter Club 3:25-5:15

Sundays- Worship Service at 10AM


Tips for home:

o   Talk about having a pet- if you already do talk about how you are responsible for your pet

o   Hop from your bathroom to your kitchen. 

o   Make up funny rhymes for each name in your family

o   Parents read with your child 15 (or more) minutes per day. – ask your child to predict what will happen at the end of the story before the last page