Young K’s Weekly News





Our theme this week is Friendship.  WE will be playing with our friends in some of our most favorite centers, creating pictures together with friends, making friendship bracelets and playing some board games. 

This is our final week before fall session begins.  I, Mrs. Diane, will be back in Young 5’s and Mrs. Jane and Ms. Jennifer will be in Pre-K. 



August 29, 2016



Please EMPTY cubbies and mailboxes your child’s last day this week.

If your child is staying, it is ok to leave their belongings so long as you check through to be sure that the extra clothes fit and that everything they need is there. Take home items that may have appeared that are not needed.

Jesus Time

As David grew up, he became good friends with King Saul’s son Johnathan.  We will learn about their friendship this week. 


o   Tuesday, August 3- Water Day

o   Friday, September 2- Center closed for in-service day

o   Monday, September 5- Center Closed- Labor Day

o   Tuesday, September 6-Fall session begins

Recurring Events:

Wednesdays- chapel @ 9AM

Tuesday’s in August-water day

Sundays- Worship Service at 10AM