With the weather becoming more "spring like" PLEASE make sure that all items

of clothing are weather appropriate!!!


This week we will be learning about "dinosaurs" and the story of Peter and the crippled man.

The kids will learn how to "roar" like a dinosaur during small group time. They will learn a new song: "We are the dinosaurs" by Laurie Berkner - it incorporates marching, eating, and sleeping as well as learning about soft and loud sounds.

The kids will paint with dinosaurs and make dinosaur prints, as well as tear and glue paper. Both of these activities will focus on fine motor coordination.

Later this week, we will bury the dinosaurs in the sensory table and excavate them with spoons and shovels!

Throughout the week, we will be learning "please" and "thank you" in addition to learning the proper way to wash hands before meals.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with either of us!



Have a wonderful week,

Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Katie