This Week in PreK

Apr. 10, 2016

This Week:

Bible Lesson: Blessed at Pentecost          Letter: X                   Shape: Pentagon

Theme: Cultural Awareness                    Color: Purple             Number: 4                 


Scheduled Activities Include:

-Jesus Time: Before ascending into heaven, Jesus told the disciples to go back to Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit.  We’re learning about Pentecost, and how God sent the Holy Spirit to help the disciples bravely spread the Gospel, and how, by miraculously speaking different languages, over 3,000 believers were added that day! Bible verse: “Go…and make disciples of all nations.”  Matthew 28:19


-Language: Writing letter X, making our Letter Xx Books, finding X in different places, eXamining real X-rays, writing X in shaving cream, and reading several books like, "Grover Looks for X", and "A Xylophone for X-ray Fish".


-Math/Science/Sensory Exploration: eXamining real X-rays, assembling a life-size puzzle of our skeletons, finding hidden Xs in the sand table, writing X in shaving cream, playing a puzzle xylophone, and making a water-xylophone withy Mason jars.


-Cooperative Play: getting x-rays and check-ups at the doctor’s office, running a restaurant, playing tic-tac-toe with its Xs and Os, and following the pirates’ treasure map to find where X marks the spot!


-Large Motor: bowling for strikes, (which are shown with an X!), doing eXercises like jumping jacks (our bodies make an X), scissors walk, cross our arms (another X) to do sit-ups, and tumbling on the mats.


-Art: making paper doll x-rays, handprint x-rays, and painting a “hidden X” project.                                                                                               

                                                                                                                                  Have a blessed week!

                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Jane C. Guse'


Parent Notes: Open Arms is waiting to hear from Pastor Henry Graf, who has been extended a call to come and serve the congregation here. Please keep him, his family, and this congregation in your prayers as he deliberates.  He will be coming to visit us this week!  On May 21 at 9am there is an outdoor work day scheduled.  Please come and help if you are able!  Later that same day, from 5-8pm, it is Parents’ Night Out!  Bring the kids for some fun while you take some time for yourselves!  There is no charge – just a free-will offering!