Even as a growing congregation, Open Arms has been involved in international mission work. We are affiliated with M.O.S.T. Ministries (Mission Opportunities Short Term), located in Ann Arbor, and also the Lutheran Women's Missionary League.

Our members have participated in trips taking them to Israel, Guatemala, Panama, Slovakia, Nicaragua and Cambodia.

Our missionaries focus on teaching those they encounter about the truth of the Bible, sharing stories that change lives - stories that we might take for granted. Other countries do not have the freedoms we enjoy in the United States, and so it is a powerful journey to help people realize their own personal significance that is found in Jesus. So many have been devalued or left behind because they are considered to be second-class citizens.

We have also participated in trips designed as eyeglass clinics. Participants' vision is tested, and eye glasses are distributed - giving the gift of sight to some for the first time in their lives. While work is done to restore sight, they are exposed to the Gospel, and sight is restored to their soul as well. Our mission work coordinator, Cathy Hardy, shares, "In both of these ministries, the gospel message is introduced in many different and effective ways. It is a joy to watch someone become interested in the message we have to bring. It is also heart moving when you see a mother in her twenties see her baby for the first time because before this, she could not see!"

Please contact our church office at (734)699-5000 if you feel the Spirit moving you to join the international effort to spread the Gospel.