Children's Church is a special time during our worship services designed just for preschool - 5th graders.  Children's Church serves as our "Sunday School" time at Open Arms.

Jesus loves the little children.  He calls us to"Let the little children come to Him.  We do this every Sunday through sharing a story from Scripture with our children.  Every Sunday our children will learn practical Bible teaching that help them know their Savior Jesus' grace and truth more and more.  Children's church is active and fun - using activities, music, and crafts to reinforce the Bible points and enliven faith in these young hearts. 

Children begin worship sitting with their family. We believe it's important for a child to experience worshiping with their family. They sing with us.  They listen to the Word, pray, and experience the offering.  After the Offering children are invited forward together.  Our Pastor prays with them and blesses them and sends them to learn their Bible story while the those 6th grade and above hear the teaching of the Word in the worship area.  The children are led to Children's Church by our trained volunteers and parents and caregivers are invited to accompany their children if they would like -for their comfort and the comfort of the children.  The children return after the message during Communion.

Volunteers are always needed to help this ministry grow! Please contact Kristy Grannis at (734)699-5000 if you would like to help out.